KONKA KE43MI311N 43-Inch 4K LED TV

3.2 by user reviews

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  • Made with an LED display for increased contrast and clear images
  • 4K resolution makes any image displayed appear much more lifelike
  • Runs on Android OS, giving you full access to streaming online content
  • Built with a 43-inch screen, making it unsuitable for larger rooms
  • Displays 4K, requiring very fast internet connection
  • LED doesn't have off-axis visibility
Product Description

With the KONKA 43-Inch 4K LED Smart TV, you can transform your living room into your personal home cinema where you can stream any movie. Featuring LED technology, the display delivers increased brightness and a higher level of contrast. Its screen has 4K resolution, making any content look much sharper, smoother, and more lifelike. This KONKA TV runs on Android OS, giving users full access to streaming online content, watching live television, and downloading apps and games. It supports 3D Surround Sound, delivering exceptional audio quality. It comes with a smart remote, allowing you to easily control all of the devices attached to your TV.

Product Information
Screen Size 43-inch
Display Type LED
Resolution Type 4K
Display Technology Wide viewing angle
Surround Sound Supported 3D Surround Sound
Remote Control Type Smart remote