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What We Do

Yourtvset.com provides consumers with a quick and comprehensive guide to purchasing a new TV. We analyze and break down the distinct aspects of hundreds of TVs on the market, from size and brand to resolution type and display technology. If you’re unsure about all of the different specifications out there, we’re here to help you decide on the best purchase for you.

How We Do It

We use market analysis, data extraction, and cutting edge AI technology to provide consumers with an easy, fast, and effective TV shopping experience. With thousands of options to consider, being able to decide on the TV you need, based on the most important feature to you, is what we excel in and pride ourselves on.

Why We Do It

Whether you’re watching the superbowl with friends or having a family night, we want to ensure that you get the most from your TV. We hope our unbiased, concise, and informative content will minimize your search time and maximize your screen time.

How We Make Money

Our sole source of revenue is from third-party websites that sell the products on this site. We do not receive payments from brands to feature, promote, or rank certain products higher.

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